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We know the ability to work remotely is a high priority for your modern workforce, and it's our priority, too. Our hosted solution ensures that you can access your payroll data from any computer, anywhere you need to work, while also leveraging advanced security features to ensure that only the people you delegate access to are able to access your sensitive data. Since our software is web-based, there's no need to deal with the hassles of updating your payroll software, moving it between computers, or setting up convoluted ways to access it while you're away from the office. Just open up a web browser and you'll get the latest payroll/HR software experience from wherever you need it.

Pay-Net's cloud-based payroll software uses the latest ever-evolving technologies available on the Microsoft Azure cloud. This gives Pay-Net the flexibility to scale our systems and integrate with a wide variety of third-party services to ensure that your payroll and HR data flow seamlessly between your preferred providers. If we don't already support your other services, we are always adding new provider integrations so talk to us about prioritizing preferred vendors.

Our software is feature-rich and will satisfy any client's requirements for payroll processing and human resource tracking. Some of these features include:

Payroll Features:

  • Interactive, real time, data base updates 
  • Supports multiple pay rates for employees 
  • Support for labor distribution, including earnings and deductions
  • Employee and employer taxes are distributed
  • Support for all types of "tax implicated" deductions including Section 125, 129, 401k, 403b, 408k, 457, or 501c 
  • Support for automatic labor distribution 
  • Allows for "automatic" pay items 
  • Allows for unlimited, frequency dependent, earnings or deductions 
  • Support for 52 state taxation plus unlimited local taxation 
  • Supports unlimited direct deposit accounts for employees 
  • Allows for 401(k) administration 
  • Allows for time off accruals
  • Complete on-line pay history for each employee with complete check details 
  • 5 User defined organization structure levels (locations, branch, department, etc.) 
  • Supports job costing and certified payroll reporting 
  • Supports third party, or agency, check creation for deductions (garnishments, etc.) 
  • Supports multiple company bank accounts 
  • Supports "pre process" reporting - see your complete payroll, including gross-to-net, before processing 
  • Supports manual check printing at user site 
  • Over 120 standard reports 
  • Date control on pay rates, other earnings, deductions, etc. Enter changes in advance and system will automatically change when the date is reached
  • Paychecks can be signed, stuffed into envelopes
  • Company logos can also be printed on the checks
  • Supports data import into the payentry process 
  • Supports data export into Excel, Word, ASCII, etc. 
  • Complete security features 
  • Employees can be sorted in any order 
  • Union tracking and reporting

Human Resource features:

  • Fields available for tracking include performance reviews, rate changes, time off benefits, education levels, skill and position tracking, insurance plans, dependents, emergency contacts, previous employment, EEO1 reporting, termination reasons, skill codes, employee types, plus many other fields, including any user defined fields. 
  • External documents can be linked within the software to a particular employee, for example, W-4 forms, employment applications, disciplinary letters, etc.

Reporting features:

Pay-Net's software is specifically designed to work with Crystal Reports 11®, from SAP®. Using this powerful report writer allows for creation of very elaborate reports. Every report in our system is produced with Crystal Reports®. This allows the users to customize any report with minimal effort and maximum flexibility.

The seamless integration of Crystal Reports® into our software allows us to customize the reports on-the-fly, based on company-specific criteria or ad-hoc user requests. In addition, our software comes with a built-in report writer that will allow the user to build their own simplified reports.

Since an industry standard open architecture is used, end-user reports can be produced with most Microsoft® Windows™ compatible report writers. Our software can be configured to execute reports created by other report writers. Although we have less direct control over other report writer's functionality, the users' favorite report writer can still be integrated with our software.

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